Our Services

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and its counterparts around the globe represent the essence of hazard communication. Countless software "solutions" charge a premium and demand substantial training to generate and manage SDSs. Both free and fee-based SDS database services exist as well. However, we recognize that these services fall short of offering clients personal contact and professional expertise tailored to individual needs, budgets, and schedules. Our clients find our services are an affordable and flexible alternative to managing SDS projects by themselves.

Move your SDS headaches from your desktop to ours. Find out how we can help you today and let us start to build an enduring relationship with you.

SDS Authoring Related Services:
Our most popular services include authoring or converting SDSs to comply with national and international standards. We research and update SDSs to keep clients current, and we even standardize the formats and language of their current and new SDSs to meet both their internal needs and government regulations. We also regularly assist clients with translating SDSs into any language.

SDS Outsourcing:
Clients with established compliance departments or safety managers choose MSDSWriter to outsource their existing SDS operation. For example, companies currently using some combination of SDS software and databasing products place MSDSWriter in charge of operating with those products so that the companies can devote their attention to other priorities.

SDS Related Labeling and Lab Analysis:
Clients often have MSDSWriter generate compliant container labeling for their products. They may also use us simply to seek out and retrieve an existing SDS or to submit a product sample for lab analysis.

General Hazard Communication and Waste Management Consulting:
MSDSWriter's expertise is firmly rooted in hazard communication and waste management consulting in general, so we are able to deliver projects that extend beyond just the SDS. Our senior project manager, Atanu Das, has been an integral leader in construction management compliance. As an Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) manager with a major pharmaceutical firm, his background includes experience with the following:

  • Hazardous and Construction Waste Management: Identification and proper disposal of asbestos containing building material, PCB-containing light ballasts, and lead paint.
  • LEED Construction Waste Management Consulting: Construction waste landfill diversion, resource reuse, and recycled content applications.