Expertise, commitment & the best work for the money.

With an online presence established in 1998, MSDSWriter began as a small shop dedicated to freelance authoring of Material Safety Data Sheets. Initially attracting mostly mom-and-pop type clients, MSDSWriter quickly emerged as one of only a handful of web-based companies focused on delivering hazard communication solutions.

Our specialized offerings have occupied a niche that caters to clients of all sizes and our business has rapidly grown to serve their needs. Our SDS-focused customers hail from a broad array of global manufacturing sectors, including:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Boutique Chemical Production
  • Cosmetics firms

Our capacity has grown along with our client base (we are not quite Fortune 500 yet but we dream big). Now at the heart of MSDSWriter is a team of project managers and contractors focused on delivering quality work while keeping operating costs as low as possible.

The secret to our success has been our focus on customer service with a no-frills approach to our solutions. Our expertise and commitment to quality work eases our customers' compliance burdens. We produce compliant solutions backed by years of focus on the (M)SDS and the world of Hazard Communication.

Interested in working with MSDSWriter? Check out our career opportunities and affiliate programs.

We thank you for considering MSDSWriter and look forward to partnering with you to promote a safe and compliant work environment.

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